MiLEND, Inc. believes in assisting our customers get to a better financial position through equity loans with competitive interest rates and unmatched customer service. We are knowledgeable and have flexible lending guidelines that allow for a quick and easy process. MiLEND understands how important it is for our customers to get money quickly and we have engineered a system to allow you to deposit your cash the next day! We want you to succeed with your financial goal, that’s why we exclude pre-payment penalties on all our loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

MiLEND is a consumer lender and mortgage lender headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We have been helping our customers meet their financial needs since 1995. We provide personal loans that can be used for vacation, vehicle repairs, debt consolidation, home improvements, medical bills and important purchases.

Your credit history allows us to offer a guaranteed loan for 12 months.

MiLEND has made it easy for you to pay your loan back. You can mail a check into our office or an agent will send you a credit card form that can be set to automatically bill every month. Call 770-817-1550 to speak with an agent today.

At MiLEND, we get you the best loan offer available based on your unique financial situation. We look at many factors: monthly income, time on job, and credit score. Based on these factors we will lend up to $25,000.

Your first payment is due 30 days from the date of the check. Once your check is cashed a MiLEND agent will call you to set up your account and go over repayment options.

MiLEND does not have a prepayment penalty on any of their consumer loans. We do not charge any processing or set up fees on our consumer loans. The only fees that you will ever pay is the interest accrued on your loan and late fees if applicable.

To update your account please call a MiLEND agent at 770-817-1550.