Debt Consolidation Don’t Be a Debt Wrangler

In the Wild West, wranglers are used to help herd and manage wild animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, and such. Their main duty was to help the herd along, making sure it stayed together and didn’t get out of hand.

Have you ever felt like a debt wrangler?

Think about it. Are you riding herd on your credit card debt by just paying the minimum payments and only slowly moving along while keeping everything “under control”? Often times, it’s the sheer number of various debts that we carry that take us under. With all the different interest rates and due dates to have to “wrangle,” it’s easy to become inundated and lose control of your finances. Just like an actual herd of wild animals, multiple high-interest debts can easily get out of control, if they haven’t already, leaving you feeling powerless and overrun.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Using the strength of the equity in your home, refinancing your mortgage with a debt consolidation loan can net you part of your equity as cash that you can use to pay off your high-interest debt, thus, leaving behind only a new mortgage with a low rate!  Debt consolidation saves you money by reducing the total amount you have to pay each month. Sounds great, right? But where to start? Don’t let what you don’t know about a debt consolidation refinance keep you from taking a step in the right direction toward financial health.

MiLEND can help you assess your current financial situation and let you know if refinancing for debt consolidation is for you. They’ll not only help you apply, but will also help you to get the lowest interest rate possible so that you can save the maximum amount of money monthly. Customers are pleasantly surprised when they are able to pay the same monthly payment but now their other bills are rolled up in the same monthly payment.  In addition, their helpful, licensed loan officers can offer you the advice that you need to hone the financial discipline that will help keep you out of debt. After all, refinancing will do you little good if you continue the spending habits that got you into this debt in the first place. Know better so that you can do better.

For more information on how to use your home’s equity to your advantage by cutting costs and increasing savings, contact MiLEND today and use their extensive experience to see how they can help you to quit wrangling your debt in order to make the most of your current financial situation.

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